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The club has a selection of trophies which we give out each year at the AGM for successes round the show circuit.  To qualify for the club cups you have to be both the registered owner of the pig and a member of the club. Only BPA accredited or affiliated shows will count for the club trophies with the accredited (main county shows) scoring double the points of the affiliated, The points below will be awarded no matter how many Middle White competitors there are at the show.


The trophies are:

Presidents Cup (The Middle White with most points)

Marshlands Cup (For opposite sex to the Champion)

The Paranha Trophy (For the July gilt with most points)

The January Gilt Plate presented by W H Hill (For January gilt  with most points)


Joan Staig Memorial Trophy (For the July Boar with most points)

The Miranda Squire Memorial Plate (For the January boar with most points.


The Middle White Pig Breeders Club  Rose Bowl (For the Boar or Sow born before the 1st July previous year)

The Gilt Novice Cup (Awarded to the person with most points who has not previously won a Middle White Pig Breeders Trophy)

Points for the trophies


Points for Accredited shows and Champion of Champions Final

Supreme Champion - 6 points

Reserve Supreme Champion - 4 points


Breed Champion - 6 points

Reserve Breed Champion - 4 points

With half points for Affiliated Shows. Reserve breed champion will no longer be awarded for small shows as it is not awarded at most small shows.

Overall pig of the year winner - 10 points 

Reserve overall winner - 8  points 

Overall young pig of the year winner - 10 points 

Reserve overall young pig of the year - 8  points 


Pig of the year qualifier - 6 points 

Young pig of the year qualifier - 6 points 

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